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Review recordings and prices below or download our up-to-date CD List.pdf
and review/print our list of recordings. To order, either e-mail John Dujka using the button below, or call John Dujka at (979) 830-0309 and send check or money order to address below:

The Dujka Brothers

John Dujka

3384 Success Ct.

Brenham, TX 77833-0005


You can also find our recordings at the following Texas Stores. as well as Nebraska. *Since the CDs go fast, BE SURE TO CALL OUR RESELLERS to be sure that they are currently in stock:

Bay City-Collin's Music, 2521 Seventh Street (979) 245-3983

East Bernard-Vincek's Smokehouse, Hwy 60 (979) 335-7921

East Bernard-Savon Drugs, 123 Leveridge St. (979) 335-4810

El Campo-Collin's Music, 706 West Jackson (979) 543-2928

Ellinger-Hruska's Store, 109 W. State Hwy. 71 (979) 378-2333

Hallettsville-Hoffer's Grocery, 115 Fairwinds (361) 798-5843

Hillje-Prasek's Hillje Smokehouse, 29714 US-59, El Campo, TX (979) 543-8312, 1-800-207-6653

Round Top-Round Top Mercantile 979-249-3117

Sealy-Prasek's Hillje Smokehouse, 2949 SW I-10 Frontage Rd (979) 627-6027

Schulenburg-Audio Video Plus Quality Electronics, 250 N. Kessler Ave. (979) 743-4485

Shiner-Patek's Grocery, Hwy. 90A, (361) 594-3171

On the WWW: Chuch Stastny's


It's our 11th recording and our 8th available on CD. Send $19.00 which includes tax and shipping to John Dujka 3384 Success Ct., Brenham, TX 77833

The track list includes: 1. Let's Have a Party Polka (2:56) 2. True Annie Waltz (3:35) 3. Church Picnic Polka (3:27) 4. Katherine's Waltz (3:03) 5. Czhilispiel Polka (2:38) 6. Black Gypsy Polka (2:41) 7. Westphalia Waltz (3:49) 8. If I Were A Bird Polka (3:23) 9. Dark Lighted Barrooms (2:45) 10. Clover By The Water Polka (3:03) 11. Garden Waltz (3:21) 12. Bang-Bang Polka (2:14) 13. Hey Baby Que Paso (3:11) 14. Waltz Medley - Looking For My Sweetheart/At The Spring (5:04) 15. Santa Bring Me A Tuba (2:48) 16. Round and Round Polka (2:52) 17. The Chair (4:02) 18. Tic-Tock Polka (2:48) 19. Seven Step Polka (2:53) 20. Make the World Go Away (3:20)


The internet radio site 24/7 Polka Heaven held their listener poll for the best of 2011 and the "25 Years Making Tracks" came up with 2nd place overall in the Polka Variety Category . Thank you to all who voted for us, and also thank you for all the compliments coming in for our latest CD. With 17 toe tapping tunes, this CD is the 10th recording the Dujka Brothers have released in our 25 year history.

Songs included are the Chimney Sweep Polka, Singing Mockingbird Waltz, Happy Go Lucky Polka, Beautiful Dream Waltz, Little Goose Polka, It's Four In The Morning, Hooray for Charlie, Wild Goose Waltz, Cotton Patch Polka, Haunted Garrett Waltz, Never Ending Song of Love, Black Gypsy Waltz, Last Date, Popcorn Polka, Somewhere My Love, and Roaring Mountains Polka. To purchase a CD, just send $20.00 to cover CD, tax, and postage to John Dujka, 3384 Success Ct., Brenham, TX 77833.

We thank you all for 25 years of fun and memories!!!

To download the Czech/English lyric sheets for "25 Years Making Tracks" with the updated "Black Gypsy" lyrics, click HERE Enjoy!!!

JMD 1009 "Shining Up Old Favorites" price including sales tax and shipping/handling is only $19.00. CD can also be purchased with credit card on

Songs includes Unknown Girl Polka, Austin Waltz, I Love To Dance Polka, You Are My Special One (new original song), Old Meadow Polka, Meadowlark Waltz, Green Grove Polka, My Darling Waltz, Annie Cutting Grass Polka, Kukler's Laendler, Paloma Blanca, All Smiles Tonight, Barbara Polka, Wild Olive Waltz, The Hill and Dale Polka, Isabella Waltz, Cradle Polka, At The Dance Waltz, Poor Cinderella Polka, Aj Ja Sam.

JMD 1008 "Dance, Dance, Dance" price including sales tax and shipping/handling is only $19.00. CD can also be purchased with credit card on

Polka Time In Texas/Deep in the Heart of Texas Medley, A Song About You, This Song Is For Me and You (polka), Love Letter Waltz, Band Leader Polka, Dove Polka, Take Me Back to Bohemia (waltz), Czech Farmer Polka, Edelweiss, Corn Cockle Polka, Marianko Waltz, Golden Slippers, Little Moments Like This Mean So Much (waltz), Dance, Dance, Dance, Brothers and Sisters Polka, Orphan Waltz, Around the Moon Polka, What Can Happen Waltz, Red Raven Polka.

JMD 1007 "On St. John Road". CDs are $15.00 plus $4.00 tax & shipping.

If you haven't heard excerpts from "On Saint John Road"! Audio Samples are available on our samples page.

Schneider Polka, Teardrops Waltz, Grandpa Drank Too Much (At the St. John Picnic), Clock on the Steeple Polka, Innocence Waltz, Haywagon Polka, Immigrant's Waltz (Breslau, Ship of Dreams), St. Arnold Polka, Grandfather's Joy Waltz, Monkey Polka, So Ein Tag, Young Girl Polka, Happy Joe Waltz, Tribute to Lee Roy Matocha, and Patriotic Medley.

"Grandpa's List" The Best of the Dujka Brothers, Vol. 2

JMD 1006 Available on CD and cassette. CD is $15.00+$4.00 tax & shipping.

"I Just Wanna' Have Fun", "Lovely Mary Polka", "Moon Over Moravia Waltz", "Helena Polka", "Memories Waltz", "Fire Brigade Polka", "Headache Waltz", "Grinders Polka" (Joe Patek Style), "Carpenter's Waltz", "Strawberries, Raspberries Polka", "Mountain Valley Waltz", "Rancho Grande", "Koline, Koline", "Watersprite Waltz" (Hastrman),"Beer Medley" (Beer Barrel, No Beer Today, In Heaven There is No Beer), "Starlight Waltz", "Red Raven Polka", "Accordion Waltz", "Red and White Waltz", "Julida Polka", "Happiness Waltz", "Black Crow Polka".

JMD 1005 "Best of the Dujka Brothers, Vol. 1" CD is $15.00+$4.00 tax & shipping.

"Wheelbarrow Polka", "When I Waltz With You", "Pivo and Kolaches, Cerveza and Tamales Polka", "Whenever We Get Together Waltz", "Kajdu Polka", "Annie in the Cabbage Patch Polka", "Red Rose Waltz", "Shiner Song" (Joe Patek Style), "Blue Skirt Waltz", "Red Wine Polka", "Musicians Come Play Polka", "Fallen Leaf Waltz", "Peanuts Polka", "Out Behind the Barn Polka", "German Waltz Medley", "Youth and Pleasure Polka", "Dreamland Waltz", "Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie", "Eatin' Kolaches Polka", Beautiful America Waltz", "Hill of Shiner Polka"

"It's Country Time"

JMD 1004 Available on CD and cassette. CD is $15.00 + $4.00 tax & shipping.

"Streets of Bakersfield", "Is It Time to Go?", "Linda On My Mind", "Stop the World and Let Me Off", "A Mansion On The Hill", "Red, Red, Wine", "A Different Kind of Flower", "Eight Seconds At a Time", "Rockin? With You", "South Of The Border", "I Didn't Know I'd Love You This Long", "Got No Reason Now For Goin' Home", "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle", "The Cattle Call"


Our exciting performance from Feb. 19, 2006 which was captured for the Big Joe Polka Show is now available on DVD! Send $20.00 which covers tax and shipping and you'll get a piece of history and some of our biggest hits. Tunes performed on the CD include Texas Polka Medley, When I Dance With You, Helena Polka, Pivo and Kolaches Polka, Love Letter Waltz, Corn Cockle Polka, Eatin' Kolaches Polka, Grandfather's Joy Laendler, Czech Farmer Polka, Clock on the Steeple Polka, A Song About You Waltz, Grandpa Drank Too Much at the St. John Picnic, Out Behind the Barn, Moon Over Moravia, American Medley, and Texas Polka Christmas.

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